前段时间开车老听COLDPLAY, 这首LETS TALK, 听了几遍以后,突然脑子里就冒出一个山东话或者东北话版本的中文歌词来:
     oh brother i cant, i cant get through唉兄弟, 俺顶不住鸟~
    ive been trying hard to meet you 俺费了老鼻子劲想见你
    cause i dont know what to do 因为俺不知道该咋办鸟~
    oh brother i cant believe its true 唉兄弟俺真不敢相信呐!
    im so scared about the future and i wanna talk to you 未来让俺害怕,俺想跟你唠唠
    oh i wanna talkto you 唉俺真想跟你唠唠

    you can take a picture of something you see兄弟你能不能想法看看未来啥样

    in the future where will i be?顺手给俺捏张随便啥东西的照片?

    you can climb a ladder up to the sun 你能上房够着太阳?
    or a write a song nobody has sung 编个谁也没唱过的小曲?
    or do something thats never been done反正是干点谁都么有干过的事?

    are you lost or incomplete? 兄弟你是不是觉得发晕?
    do you feel like a puzzle 是不是觉得跟灯谜似的猜不明白?
    you cant find your missing piece? 是不是找不到哪不对劲?
    tell me how do you feel? 跟俺说说到底咋了?

    well i feel like theyre talking in a language i dontspeak 呃, 俺觉得大伙都在跟俺说火星话
    and theyre talking it to me还一直说着呢

    so you dont know where youre going 所以你是搞不清楚在往哪儿走
    and you wanna talk 你就想找人说说话
    and you feel like youre going where youve been before你觉得是在走老路
    you tell anyone wholl listen but you feel ignored你跟人说可没人当真
    nothings really making any sense at all,都是扯淡,

     lets talk, lets talk, lets talk, lets talk.俺俩说说,说说呗......



    做梦 2007-08-09


  • 哈哈,翻的真好啊!有才,有才!
  • 哇咔咔....笑得不行.你太有才了..